US Senate Candidates Forum at UNC-Asheville

The UNC-Asheville chapter of the Young Americans for Liberty sponsored the only 2014 NC US Senate primary election cycle event to include candidates from all three parties: Alex Bradshaw (R), Tim D’Annunzio (L), Sean Haugh (L), and Ernest Reeves (D). Moderated by Pete Kaliner of Talk Radio 570 WWNC-Asheville, the 90-minute forum featured questions from the student audience in the Mountain View Room of the Sherrill Center on the UNCA campus as well as questions tweeted in remotely. The forum was held April 27, 2014. The liberty movement in Western NC benefited from this extremely diverse political discourse. All 13 candidates running for US Senate in NC were invited to the debate. 


Out of the 4 candidates that attended the debate, one candidate, Sean Haugh Libertarian for U.S. Senate will be on the ballot in the general election in NC. This debate allowed UNCA & YAL members an opportunity to have their questions answered on important issues like economic freedom, state control, and foreign policy. Young Americans for Liberty’s mission to promote economic freedom is central for student activism in this chapter. 

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