US to Escalate War on Drugs

Via BusinessWeek:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Mexican counterpart agreed to aid impoverished border towns and improve law enforcement cooperation, expanding a military offensive against illegal drug trafficking.

“The narcotics cartels are waging war on civil society,” Clinton told reporters….The group reviewed the next steps in combating drug traffickers as a three-year, U.S. program that provided $1.3 billion of mostly military equipment and training to Mexico approaches its end. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has put about 50,000 troops into the fight, particularly in border towns, only to see violence continue to escalate.

Of course, Clinton has already indicated that she won’t do what is actually necessary to stop the violence in Mexico:  legalizing drugs. According to the Huffington Post,

Clinton said the administration is “looking at everything that can work” to combat the drug cartels. But when asked by a reporter whether that included considering decriminalizing narcotics in the United States, she replied with a single word: “No.”

So we are looking into everything that can work, except for the one thing that actually could work.

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