USC Begins Activism with Free Markets 101

Recruitment on Trousdale

Trojan YALers took to Trousdale Parkway — the main campus thoroughfare at the University of Southern California — to spread the message of economic freedom in late February. Jenganomics served as a fun and interactive means for explaining how the redistribution of wealth causes economic instability — and even threatens collapse. 

Pairing Jenganomics with Rags or Riches was especially effective in explaining how it can happen here. Most students were surprised to learn about the United States’ position in regards to economic freedom.

Our table was, of course, fully stocked with membership flyers and information, and we got a number of signups from the event. Innovative, interactive tools like the games served as great icebreakers to engage students in broader discussions on what it means to be free.

YAL @ USC couldn’t be more encouraged to fight on for liberty!

Jenganomics @ USC

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