Using the club fair to get people to Lauren Cooley at California State University Monterey Bay

January 31st was CSU Monterey Bay’s Otter Showcase where all the clubs got together to recruit for new members. Our state chair Isaac came by to help recruit. While the other clubs were inside just waiting for people to come by and approach them, Isaac and I waited outside the building with a free speech ball and grabbed everyone walking in! We got a good number of sign ups thanks to the membership kit we used, as well as flying our sexy banner high and proud. Faculty at this school LOVES the idea of a club finally bringing in “controversial” views and ideas to our heavily left leaning campus. Isaac and I spoke to about 5 different faculty members who wanted to help in any way they could for us to be recognized as an official club.

The main point we we’re pushing our recruits towards (other than the SF Spring Summit) was attending Lauren Cooley’s Make Campus Great Again tour the very next day! We as a chapter worked incredibly hard to jump through all the hoops it took to get her approved by the school to speak on campus. Being unofficial really has its disadvantages, so we can’t wait until April when we can finally apply to become an official club. But nevertheless, the turnout for the event was incredible! Of all the signups we got, a whopping 1/3 of them showed up to hear Lauren speak! Lauren is an editor for Campus Reform and spoke on what we can do here on campus to build a network to stand up for our ideas and not allow the school to shut us down. It was heavily empowering! From that event, we gained two new permanent members in our chapter who have attended every meeting since! Our small school is growing something huge, and I can’t wait to see where it is by summer.

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