UT-Arlington Constitution Week!

 Free speech wall

YAL at UTA began the campaigning for constitution week right out of the gate, as we attended the Maverick activities fair on 8/29. Four passionate officers quickly turned to nine, and the preparation for the first campus demonstration event began!


Free speech wall student
Free speech wall students

The day before Constitution Week began, 4 officers and 1 member hurriedly constructed our Free Speech wall! We pretty much just attacked it impromptu style, and came away with a well-built $60 dollar free speech wall. Thank you for the generous activism grant, national team!


OPH Quiz

The rest of the money was spent to provide incentives for attending our social functions of the week. We bought 3 $10 gift card to Chili’s, and students tested their knowledge of the Constitution through a personally designed quiz. The students who answered 3 questions in a row correctly won a raffle ticket that was to be given out at our weekly meeting!

wall quote

wall quote

Patrick and Blaze

Young Americans for Liberty at UTA braved the storm for two days in the campus quad, passionately displaying our profound beliefs in the reformation of this country by the values that lay in the Constitution. We gave out about 400 pocket Constitutions, pro-liberty literature, and an infinite amount of exuberance for freedom to our fellow man. This philanthropic display for our country earned us over 100 new email list sign ups, as well as some new friends, and restored confidence in politics at UTA!

Lynzi tabling

Patrick flyering

On Wednesday, September 19, we hosted a speech from one of our political science professors on campus, Allen Saxe. Professor Saxe is one of the most popular professors on campus, and it was an honor for him to address us. Saxe told us his perspective on why the Constitution was important to us, how it is being mistreated, and what we should do to answer the abandonment of our constitutional republic. Many new faces showed up to the meeting, and we had clearly created fervor on campus for the Constitution.

Lynzi tabling again


We hosted our Weekly meeting on Thursday, September 20, and the results were intense! We engaged with many intelligent individuals seeking further understanding of the message of liberty, and the values that lay within the constitution. The discourse of the meeting included a panel presentation on various laws and regulations that infringed on constitutional law, including the PATRIOT Act, NDAA, a few parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, and so on. This was a complete success as students gave a round of applause at its conclusion.

At the end of the week, we relished in our success and took a moment to relax as a group at Mellow Mushroom, all the while conversing about libertarian Ideology.

Constitution week at UTA was an overall success, and a joyful experience. We put Young Americans for Liberty on the map at UTA!

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