UT-Tyler Activism Pushes Free Speech, Warns about NDAA

A last minute inspiration by the core membership saw a flurry of activity by the University of Texas-Tyler YAL chapter at the beginning of Constitution Week. By Thursday, Sept. 20th, our YAL chapter put on a spectacle which nobody expected. Chapter President Adam Kirby donned a red jumpsuit, and was led across campus in handcuffs with a black bag over his head. Kirby and National Coordinator Terry Furrh, who led with a dog leash, both wore placards with “NDAA” written in bold print, followed by the sections of the legislation which apparently subject Americans to detention or assassination. 

The event was documented by local news affiliate CBS 19, as well as by the school paper, The Patriot Talon. The article can be read here.

Patriot Talon Article

The following is the featured video production by our Communications Director Holly Hooten, which showcases the entire project, complete with the full news coverage and student interviews:

Additionally, pocket Constitutions were distributed to interested students, who were also invited to sign YAL’s “free speech” poster board. 

Free Speech Full

Hopefully the irony didn’t escape at least a few astute individuals — the fact that in order for the poster board to be displayed on campus, YAL had to seek permission from the bureaucracy. Free speech, indeed!

Free Speech Zone

From left to right: Holly Hooten, Kortlan Porter, Adam Kirby, Terry Furrh, Jr. 

Photography: Holly Hooten, Patriot Talon

Here’s a video with more info on the NDAA:

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