Utah Schools to Axe 12th Grade?

Faced with a budget crisis, one Utah State Senator is getting a serious hearing for his proposal to do away with 12th grade in Utah government schools to save the state a significant amount of money:

Earlier this month, Utah state Senator Chris Buttars said his desperately cash-strapped state could save US$102-million by chopping the 12th grade…from its school system. Buttars also proposed making the 11th grade optional for students.

Surprisingly, Buttars’ proposal received serious consideration with one politician giving the “Drastic times call for drastic measures” speech, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Of course, there are plenty of people who strongly object to the plan, arguing that 12th grade is valuable for many students.  If I lived in Utah, I’d advise we accept Sen. Buttars’ plan, but take it a little further:  If the state could save $102 million by cutting out 12th grade, imagine how much it could save by getting rid of inferior government education in its entirety.

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