Utah State Convention reaches out beyond Utah

Students came from around the state of Utah and as far as Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the YAL Utah State Convention. The convention had over 100 people in attendance and the room was nearly full the entire day. More people attended in the afternoon. So many that chairs were brought out to accommodate those attendees.

Utah State Convention attendees

The morning started off with roughly 85 attendees by 11:00 AM and growing as we approached lunch. Sponsors received a lot of facetime throughout the convention and enjoyed talking to students about the opportunities they offer.

The keynote speakers were Jonathan Johnson from Overstock.com and Jack Hunter, editor of Rare.us. The tone of the convention changed when the panel of locally elected representatives took the stage to talk about state issues and their record.

Jonathan Johnson

State Rep Panel

The panel featured one democrat and three republicans. The topics ranged from free-market opportunities, fiscal issues, the NSA, and the criminal justice reform. There were many great questions asked by the attendees who remained extremely engaged.

Students also commented on how motivated they were after FreedomWork’s Adam Brandon spoke about getting involved to make a change in the liberty movement.

YAL Convention attendees

The local news station even showed up and the convention got some great press!


The Utah State Convention was a huge hit and we wouldn’t have been able to have it without our great network and the YAL staff. Thank you!

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