Utah’s Constitution Day!

Young Americans for Liberty kicked off our work at the University of Utah with a fun-filled Constitution Day event.

We met at 7:30 that morning and plastered campus with flyers.

YAL Const flyers.JPG

At 9:30, we set up outside of the Union Building with plenty of prizes, sign-up sheets, and pocket Constitutions.

As students walked by, we handed them a flag and said, “Happy Constitution Day!” This got their attention, and most were willing to try out our Constitution Quiz for a prize. We asked questions like, “Does the president have the power to declare war?” and “Is executive order the same as law?” If they weren’t sure of the answer, they were told where to find it in the Constitution, and then got to take one away as a prize. The response was extremely positive.


Everyone that tried the quiz got a flag pin to put on their backpack, and was asked  to tell everyone it was for Constitution Week. From what we’ve heard, the pins have been great conversation starters!

In all, we handed out about 75 Constitutions, 90 pins, and 70 American flags, yielding 11 new recruits and a more educated student body. As a group, we learned a lot about putting an event together, and had a great time in the process!

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