Utilizing Opinion Sections for Truth

Get the message out = objective number one. A pretty fundamental and effective, although often overlooked, tactic on your campus is to write opinion pieces for your school paper. In all reality, it’s pretty easy to get published and you can’t argue with the fact that it’s free coverage. Plus, it doesn’t take a load of people in your group to organize an opinion section blitz; it’s rather simple.

Send in one opinion article each week and it will likely get published, that’s it; most school papers are in dire need of opinion pieces. One thing to remember, however, to maintain a long running opinion campaign, is to leave it unassociated with your group (you don’t want it to seem like it’s the “same old kids” writing the articles). Just make the pieces look like intelligent individuals want to voice the truth, through the avenue of the opinion section.

The most recent, and wonderfully articulated, article here was by the Wake Forest YAL Media Director, Elliot Engstrom. One day since print, his article is already turning heads on campus and generating some healthy debate. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

A lot of Americans can smell it. Some of us are still too engulfed in Obama mania to be able to see it. But I think people will start waking up soon to a chilling reality — we’re heading in a dangerous, dangerous direction.

Authoritarianism is a term most people associate with lines of soldiers patrolling the streets, enforcing curfews and rationing food.

However, if an authoritarian government is ever allowed to take complete hold in the United States, it will not be through a military presence in the streets … at least not at first.

Read the rest of Obama is Leading us to Authoritarianism here!

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