Utilizing Sidewalk Chalk — With Ideas and Pictures!


I have never seen any of the other student organizations at my university utilize sidewalk chalk before, even though it is one of the lesser regulated methods of communication on campus. If your chapter has not utilized it before, do it! But check your school’s policies and restrictions first of course!

Below are some ideas for what to write — categorized by subject — starting with the Constitution (Constitution week is Sep. 13-17!) Comment with ideas of your own!

The Constitution

Read the Constitution
If government doesn’t obey the Constitution, what’s treason?
Bush Killed the Constitution; Obama will bury it
Legalize the constitution
Reinstate/restore the Bill of Rights
The Constitution didn’t change on 9/11
Annoy a politician – Defend the Constitution
The Constitution: Learn it or Lose it (Oops, too late!)
“The Constitution was written to constrain govt. It’s now used to constrain the people.” – RP
The purpose of the Constitution is to protect us from the government.

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve — Looting the U.S. Since 1913
End the Fed!
Audit the Fed – then End it!

Right to Self-Defense/Bear Arms/2A

If Guns Kill People, Do Pencils Misspell Words?
Fight crime – shoot back!
More guns, less crime
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants


Google Ron Paul
LIBERTY – Real Political Conversation
If you don’t like Republicans or Democrats, you might be libertarian.
Libertarians do it voluntarily
Government (noun): Those in society not bound by the law
Democrats love government – Republicans hate liberty
To be or not to be free – that is the question
A nation of sheep shall be ruled by wolves
Join YAL – because Freedom is popular
Forget left and right – choose liberty!
Remember when our rights mattered?
It’s not left vs right, it’s the state vs you!
got liberty?
Demand total liberty! You might get to keep some
Legalize liberty
A nation of sheep shall be ruled by pigs
government: (noun) Those in society not bound by the law
Don’t Steal – The Government Hates Competition!
End the welfare-warfare state!
Govt; the most dangerous monopoly


Foreign Policy/War

War is peace …
Don’t bomb Iran
War is the health of the state
Iran Doesn’t Have WMDs either!
War is a racket
War – the biggest govt. program of all
Policing the world IS NOT protecting America
Support the troops – bring them home now!
Neutrality is NOT isolationism

Personal/Civil Liberties/The Police State

Privatize marriage
25% of all the prisoners in the world are in American jails
At least we still have the right to remain silent
F#!K the FCC
Prohibition makes criminals rich
Drug wars are worse than drug abuse
We dont need to be under surveillance — the government does!


Economic Liberty

Taxation is theft/robbery
Big business + big government ______ = tyranny
It’s our money not, theIRS
A free market equals a free people
Read Rothbard
Austrian school of Economics – Predicting depressions since 1912


How can you be safe if you’re not free?
Separate society and state
Withdraw consent!
You are not free
If you dont tell the government no, who will?
Restore the republic
Regulate the government
“Don’t just stand there, undo something!”
Chains we can believe in
Obama = Statist War Monger
When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty
Decentralize and repeal
The lesser of two evils is still evil
Ideology: An excuse for controlling other people.
Ron Paul was right!
Nothing Changed
Fight back while you still can
Enough is enough


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