UVM American Majority Training

On January 18, YAL @ the University of Vermont attended a Leadership and Activist Training event put on by American Majority here at UVM. The event was a huge success; the room was filled with liberty-minded people from all over the state of Vermont. It was great for us to be in contact with and get to meet many of the current, future, and veteran leaders of the state.

Once everyone was settled in, our VP Ed gave some nice opening remarks, and Matt Robbins from American Majority started the seminar.  It was an excellent presentation, teaching the ins-and-outs, do’s-and-don’ts of how to run a successful campaign. The entire presentation was very engaging, inspiring audience-wide participation throughout.

During breaks, it was great chatting with the various people getting geared up to run their own campaigns in Vermont. We also enjoyed the delicious pizza and chewy chips-ahoy lunch break. At the end of the presentation, Ed gave some closing remarks and Tayt Brooks of Vermont’s American Majority chapter wrapped everything up. Overall, it was a great event. 

Thanks to American Majority, Ethan Allen Institute, and everyone else who helped make it possible for such a meaningful event to be held at UVM!

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