UW-Green Bay celebrates Constitution Week!

Constitution Week was a busy one for our Young Americans for Liberty chapter at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay! We started off by tabling at OrgSmorg, our school’s biannual student organization recruitment event. We were lucky enough to get an awesome table where we could stand and actively recruit new members.


By the end of the fair, we had over 30 new sign-ups!!


Afterwards, we hosted an informational meeting to show our potential new members what we were all about (while eating pizza of course). Some of the old members used a South Park “Philosophy of Liberty” slideshow to put on a fun presentation for the new members, complete with hilarious voices for Cartman, Chef, Obama, Bush, and more!


At the end of the week, we built a Free Speech Wall which garnered a ton of attention from students. We even got our newly initiated members involved in the construction and recruitment process. It was a blast!


Constitution Week kicked off our first full year as a chapter here at UWGB, and we are so excited to keep the momentum going! Thanks for the great opportunities, YAL!



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