UW-Madison Constitution Day

YAL UW-Madison had a successful Constitution Day earlier this month.  The group passed out over 100 Constitutions and collected nearly 500 signatures of students who wanted to see Ron Paul come to Madison.  We tabled on Library Mall, a hot spot on campus that incidentally President Obama spoke at this past Tuesday, and engaged in friendly conversation with people about our long-neglected founding document.

While members were talking to students about the Constitution in the streets, we used our “Liberty Megaphone” to yell “Happy Constitution Day” and injected humor to make people smile and take a look at our group.  One of our funnier megaphone lines was “Thomas Jefferson was a terrorist because he questioned his government.  You’ll be a terrorist too if you question yours.”  Another one was “The 13 trillion dollar national debt is nothing to worry about.  The government has it all under control.  Please return to your television sets immediately.”  We like this unconventional approach of spreading the liberty message because it is a happy, humorous way of communicating and it opens people up.

Check out our video of the event below.  It appears freedom is popular at UW-Madison!


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