UW-Madison Making Waves on Campus

R.I.P. Trial by Jury

It has been an eventful few months for UW-Madison’s YAL, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

As Halloween season rolled in, UW-Madison YALers rolled out some scary civil liberty tombstones to show campus just how easily the government has grabbed at our freedoms. 

R.I.P. States' Rights

And as our bi-weekly meetings progressed, our discussions became more and more interesting. Newer members began contributing more and more, and many of the discussions led to potential activism ideas for the future.

Liberty Meetings are the best kind of meetings

Then the Leadership Institute Youth Leadership School came to town, and six of our members enjoyed a weekend-long journey towards effective leadership and campaigning strategies. We learned a great deal, and look forward to working with LI again in the future!

Leadership Institute Training

Finally, before Thanksgiving break we wanted to let young people know just how bad of a deal Obamacare was. With help from Generation Opportunity’s OptOut activism kit, and our Wisconsin GO Representative Mary Mueller, we tabled the largest dining hall on campus with the “Ten Things to Know About Obamacare for Young People.”

OptOut of Obamacare Tabling

Members helped compile a list of ten facts that hurt young people the most when forced to live with Obamacare, including things like “Killing Paid Internships,” and “Loss of Privacy.” We printed a great list with some extra background to our points and handed it out to all those walking by. We also invited anyone nearby to play the “Wheel of Misery” courtesy of Generation Opportunity. Game participants spun the wheel and were asked a question about Obamacare corresponding to the number they landed on. Win or lose, students received a free OptOut Coozie. And who doesn’t love a free coozie!?

Ten Things to Know About Obamacare

As the semester nears an end, we have one more event in the works, so stay tuned for some more great liberty news from UW-Madison!

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