UW-Madison Student Org Fair

Young Americans for Liberty @ UW-Madison amped up our recruitment at the University’s Student Org Fair held on January 29! 

The Org Fair at UW is a once-a-semester opportunity for student groups to reach out to both incoming freshman as well as older students looking to join anything from an Ultimate Frisbee team to a bevy of humanitarian causes. It is easily one of YAL’s most effective recruitment tools — I myself joined YAL after visiting our table at the Fall 2010 Student Org Fair.

Newbies crowding around

This year, however, we contrived a new way to be one step ahead of the other numerous political organizations at UW. By posting a provocative meme-style ad in campus buildings and in a preview pamphlet handed out at the dorms, we encouraged fellow open-minded scholars to seek us out at the fair.

This simple PR innovation significantly increased the traffic at our table, opened up thoughtful, friendly discussions of issues, and encouraged many to try the World’s Smallest Political Quiz as well as YAL’s new Rags or Riches activity. Most of our active members attended and worked to promote the message of liberty to curious visitors and signed up new recruits!

Keyton working the YAL table.

Additionally, YAL-Madison Chapter is lucky to have a strong female presence in leadership roles, which helped to deconstruct the all-male stereotype of libertarians that potential recruits probably expected to encounter at the fair.

As a result, our friendly, out-going, liberty-loving ladies (and gentlemen) were able to reach out to a broader demographic and improve our public image in the eyes of fellow students, as being a truly open and inclusive movement. After all, free minds and free markets are not discriminatory concepts!

With everyone pitching in, the fair was a successful day for liberty. We couldn’t have brought so many new faces to our kick-off meeting without all our active members’ hard work and creativity! So thanks everyone from the Madison Chapter for helping us start off the semester with some serious momentum!

Savannah chatting up some Freshman

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