UW Madison Visualize the Debt Protest

The “Visualize the Debt” event held by the UW-Madison YAL chapter was a huge success.   We had about 20 YAL members attend the demonstration who talked to individuals passing on the street and passed out informational fliers containing facts about the national debt, recorded signatures for the petition, and generally helped to spread awareness of the looming national debt crises.  Over 1,400 flyers and YAL pamphlets were distributed and a large number of interested individuals took the time to speak with our members about the focus and goals of YAL.  A photograph of our debt clock can be seen following the Badger Herald link below.  

List of media that covered the event:

  • Channel 3000 — news article (one of our co-presidents was featured in an interview on the local Channel 3000 6:00 pm news!)
  • The Badger Herald — feature photo
  • AM940 WFAW Fort Atkinson — radio interview with UW-Madison YAL Press Coordinator Aaron McEvoy (attached to this post)
  • The Daily Cardinal — School newspaper article (not available online)
  • The Edgerton Reporter requested and received photos for an article, but we did not hear if the article was printed.
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