UW-Madison YAL Celebrates Free Speech!

It’s been a busy month in Madison for Young Americans for Liberty.

We tried to table on Constitution Day proper, but it was rainy and windy so we postponed to a few days later when the weatherman promised it was going to be nice…he lied. But we still had a great time and interacted with a ton of our fellow students!

We handed out over 250 pocket Constitutions and had so many people write on our free speech wall that we ran out of room. We also handed out flyers promoting our lecture the following Monday by Anthony Gregory and Scott Horton (which turned out amazing by the way).

Check out our Constitution Day video above!

Then, we had the enormous pleasure of having President Obama come to Madison to rally his followers and so we did what any self-respecting YAL chapter would do: we exercised our 1st Amendment rights and trolled!

We printed up 1500 fake “programs” that listed the president’s supposed talking points and distributed them to the masses waiting in line. Everyone was so excited to get a program we burned through our first batch of 500 in less than 10 minutes! At the end of the day we exposed 1500 people to the statist nature of President Obama’s policies and hopefully got some of them thinking. I was interviewed about the event for this news article. Check out the video!

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