UW-Madison YAL Crushes Recruitment, Activism, and a Special Event in Just 9 Days!

University of Wisconsin-Madison Young Americans for Liberty just wrapped up an exciting and eventful two weeks filled with all things liberty! Because we like to milk summer as long as we can, we got off to a bit of a later start than other schools with our first day back on September 2. But a quick launch into the Recruitment Drive and our chapter was off and running!

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This years Student Organization Fair was a big success for us. Students from all across campus were jam-packed into the Kohl Center, and YAL was ready to reel in potential liberty leaders. And reel them in we did! Not only did we add over 120 sign-ups to our email roster, it seemed that those who signed up were overwhelmingly enthusiastic to get involved! 

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Aside from the excitement of liberty, we enticed students with some free pizza so that they would stop by our kickoff meeting the following Monday. Our efforts worked, turning out more than 30 new interested members! After giving an overview of what YAL is all about, we did an ice breaker and invited everyone to discuss some of the issues most important to them. 

The same week of our kickoff meeting, we also celebrated Constitution Week! On Wednesday we hosted an activism event on campus centered around police militarization. Using a giant U.S. map, we pinpointed botched paramilitary raids all across the U.S. thanks to Cato Institute’s interactive map on the topic. We wanted to show students just how often individuals have their rights violated, or even their lives taken, by excessive force.  

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We also quizzed students to see if they knew just how many botched paramilitary raids have occurred in Wisconsin, and then gave them details about some of the specific cases of horrific abuse that has gone on in our state using paramilitary weapons. 

Students were wowed by what they heard. The event was timely, with Ferguson still fresh in everyone’s minds, and students walked away with new knowledge about the harsh effects of police militarization.  

constitution day talk

To finish off Constitution Week we invited UW-Madison’s own liberty-minded Professor, Donald Downs, to talk about the philosophy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. His presentation attracted students from all over campus, and it was very well received by those who attended. Professor Downs welcomed great questions and discussion to add to the event, and attendees walked away with a refreshed appreciation for our Founding Documents. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison will continue to keep the ball rolling throughout the semester as we pump up students all across campus to join in the pursuit for liberty! 

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