UW-Madison YAL Invades UW-Milwaukee

On May 2nd, the state chair for YAL in Wisconsin, Jordan Krause, and UW-Madison’s YAL chapter president, Aaron McEvoy,visited the UW-Milwaukee campus as part of YAL’s regional task force program. With the help of the UW-Milwaukee chapter president, Glen Cox, we talked to students about YAL’s commitment to free markets, individual liberty, and a more humble foreign policy.

Glen and Aaron explaining our message to UW-Milwaukee students

After an afternoon of tabling, we were able to find nearly 40 students interested in advancing our beliefs with the newly forming YAL chapter at UW-Milwaukee! Anni Christensen, a student at UW-Milwaukee, had been contacted by YAL’s Midwest Regional Director, Charlie Vidal, about the campus invasion and came to help us engage students.  She was so excited about the group that she agreed to join UW-Milwaukee’s leadership team as a co-president.   

After a successful day of communicating our message to students on campus, we hosted a meeting at the student union with free pizza. At the meeting we talked about YAL’s core beliefs, all the cool stuff YAL chapters can do, and what needs to be done on campus to be a successful chapter. We also had a member-led discussion covering diverse topics like President Obama’s drone program, the Second Amendment, and the right of an individual to consume what they want.

UW-Milwaukee students discussing gun control

We finished by discussing leadership positions for the newly forming group and found eight students willing to take on leadership positions. After seeing the lively discussion and the enthusiasm for YAL’s mission and message at the meeting, we are all excited about UW-Milwaukee joining Wisconsin’s growing network of YAL chapters.

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