UW-Madison YAL September Success, Featuring Old Americans for Tyranny!

YAL @ the University of Wisconsin-Madison was ready to lay the liberty love on thick this Fall, and I’m proud to say that we delivered! Between the Fall Recruitment Drive, our Constitution Day Discussion, and our activism event featuring some awesome street theatre, our YAL chapter is snowball rolling towards success. [Wisconsin humor]

Our Recruitment Drive included two large poster pictures captioned “#TeamEdward” (Edward Snowden) and “#TeamNSA.” Our spin-off of Twilight caught people’s attention and acted as a great conversation piece to see how people felt about government surveillance and the importance of whistleblowers. 

We also had over 130 new sign-ups, and had to run back and forth to our apartments to grab more free literature! Our Kickoff Meeting was filled with great vibes, good discussion, and FREE PIZZA! Overall our 2013 Fall Recruitment Drive went fantastic, and we can’t wait to recruit even more members soon!

Fall 2013 Kickoff Meeting

Next, we had a Constitution Day Discussion with Professor Ion Meyn from UW-Madison Law School and Professor Drechsel from UW-Madison School of Journalism. We discussed the importance of the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments in today’s society. Our questions at the end of each lecture really hit on current events and the government’s consistent Constitutional violations. 

Constitution Day Discussion with Professor Ion Meyn and Professor Robert Drechsel

Lastly, we had our activism event on Thursday, September 19th. Thanks to some creative thinking from past and current members we came up with a fresh idea and titled the event:  “Young Americans for Liberty vs. Old Americans for Tyranny.” A few of our members dressed in gowns, sweaters, and wigs to act as an Old American for Tyranny in support of NSA spying. While the rest of our members encouraged passersby to write on our giant free speech wall and keep the NSA out of Americans’ inboxes.

We caught a lot of people’s attention over the lunch hour and had pretty positive feedback from onlookers. Our free speech wall was filled with captivating, relevant, funny, and even some wild thoughts, but that’s the beauty of free speech! 
We’re excited to make the rest of the year as successful as September and hope you’ll tune in!
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