UW-Madison’s Wall of Free Speech

Bringing the Wall of Free Speech to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Library Mall took a few ounces of sweat, a couple pints of beer, and an unrelenting drive for freedom. In the end, everyone at the UW-Madison chapter of Young Americans for Liberty pitched in to help the students of UW-Madison embrace their 1st Amendment rights of expression.

With over 100 pocket Constitutions, innumerable fliers, handouts, and words of liberty distributed, the UW-Madison YAL chapter helped show Madison what it really means to be free. Between the student organization fair and the Constitution Week event, we signed up over 100 new liberty recruits! Check out some of the amazing footage from our free speech Constitution Week event (set to Jordan Page’s inspiring “Liberty”):

With quotes ranging from “Bong rips 4 jeezus” to “I <3 ostriches,” the free speech wall became as much a forum for humor as it did for personal or political outpourings. And while some expressed fear or outright defiance towards America’s first right, the wall of free speech and its enthusiastic companions offered messages of peace, freedom and equal rights for zombies all through the day. 

For Liberty. For Peace. For freedom. YAL @ UW-Madison Forever.

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