UW-Milwaukee YAL chapter celebrates YALoween!

The UW-Milwaukee chapter celebrated halloween this year, doubling as a celebration of our first year on campus!


This was not only our first outdoor event on campus since being just over a year old, but also was our first run at the graveyard of civil liberties. The reception on campus was exhilarating, and it was a proud moment for us when many students, faculty, and staff stopped to admire our display. We planned the display and its layout throughout the week and then a few of us got together the night before to put everything together.


It was a lot of hard work, and as the Chapter President I am overwhelmed with all the hard work the chapter has put forward this semester and we are really coming into our own on campus. I am very proud of our success and look forward to the future.


A special shout out to the following people in the Chapter who helped put together and run the event:

  • Creative Director, Faith Jones
  • Communications Intelligence Supervisor, Morgan Paradis
  • Vice President, Glen Cox
  • Treasurer and Public Relations Director, Matt Sama
  • Member Nathanael Johnson
  • Member Matthew Grabowski
  • Member Tyler Ovard 
  • Member Paul Garni 
  • Member Devin Gatton

Stay tuned for news about our next event!

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