UW-Whitewater Involvement Fair and Constitution Week

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater had a superb start to the 2014 fall semester!

At the Involvement Fair, with the great help of Craig Dixon from the Leadership Institute, we brought in 35 new sign-ups. This was a huge jump from previous events and has us very excited!

Involvement Fair

The following week, on September 16, we held our Constitution Week event. We handed out 135+ pocket Constitutions along with an information flyer about our organization. Several students were surprised that the Constitution was so small! We also focused on the Fourth Amendment and had a member of our group dress up as a government agent to “spy” on fellow students, raising awareness of government spying!


These two events were a boon to expanding our chapter’s presence at UW-Whitewater, bringing in new members, and most importantly bringing the message of liberty to students.

Constitution Week

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