UW-Whitewater’s Generations of War Event


In order to bring awareness to the 10-year benchmark of the war in Iraq, YAL @ UW-Whitewater set up a table in the University Commons during the busy lunch hour. Equipped with a handful of palm cards, a map of the Middle East, a few darts and a pinch of motivation we set out to bring awareness not only to our country’s foreign policy, but to our chapter’s presence as well.


The outreach accomplished was amazing, and we were able to hear a lot of feedback from the student body and how they feel about about spending the last 10 years of their lives dealing with the wars in their own unique ways.


We invited students to answer trivia questions regarding this topic and rewarded the correct answer with a dart.  The students would throw the dart at the map, and wherever the dart stuck, we would explain our country’s involvement with that particular country. The idea was to illustrate the randomness of our involvement in the Middle East and that you could literally toss a dart almost anywhere and find a country we are meddling with.

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