UW YAL bringing campus back to its roots

The University of Washington YAL chapter has an excellent write-up in the The Daily at UW. Steve Heidenreich, Mikayla Hall, Kristen Neal, and Josh Huyck are leading one of the most active YAL chapters in the country. Keep up the great work!

When Barack Obama was elected to office by a landslide last November and the Democrats picked up multiple seats in former Republican strongholds, many saw this as a mandate of the people’s will — and a sign that the Conservative movement was on its way out.

Today, with the economy in rapid decline and Barack Obama’s presidency taking center stage, the Republican Party may have lost its former level of influence. Despite this, campus activism is still in full swing, and officers of conservative student groups Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and the College Republicans (CRs) are aggressively planning recruiting efforts and spring quarter events.

YAL is a new student organization; the UW chapter was founded last October by sophomore Steve Heidenreich. It is part of a larger national organization that was founded as a continuation of Students for Ron Paul and has a libertarian — socially liberal and fiscally conservative — focus.

“Basically, we’re all about the Constitution,” Heidenreich said. “We believe in freedom: free markets, small government and freedom of choice in personal, lifestyle decisions.”

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