UWGB chapter educates students on corrupt legal system

For millions across America the sensation on YouTube, “Making a Murderer,” led to a mass discussion about corruption and the legal system. As a YAL chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, we thought it would be fitting to continue the discussion to expose governments’ destruction of our constitutional rights including a right to a fair trial. This led to our development of a tabling event we called, “Making a “Criminal.”
Our event was going to be a reminder of the many people who are victims of police brutality or who are incarcerated for whistle blowing and entrepreneurship. The display we created highlighted the cases of four individuals who were unfairly treated by the government’s protection and legal system. Our four cases were that of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Ross Ulbricht and Michael Brown. The display listed their “crime” and sentence which ranged from death to incarceration.

Jessica and Alex
We used this event as a tool to discuss our legal system and the importance of whistle blowers for a free society. This resulted in around twenty signups of people who either wanted to either learn more about YAL or who were interested in getting involved in the fight for liberty.
This event was successful in the fact it educated students on issues that some had no previous knowledge of. Overall it was a good way to wake people up and get them to think a little more about the risks of big government.
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