UWGB’s Fall Recruitment Drive

Our YAL chapter here at University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s had our fall recruitment drive at Orgsmorg on September 21st. Our recruitment theme included a quiz called “Should we sell it?”

People who came to our booth would tell us whether or not they thought each product should be sold in the free-market, and we would mark their answer under yes or no. The items that we asked about included Marijuana, guns, blood, Cocaine, and raw milk. For a very left leaning campus, the majority of students answers were yes to guns, and mostly everything else, although most were a little more unsure when asked about Cocaine. Most students thought that people should have a right to most of these even if they wouldn’t want it themselves.

After the recruitment drive, we had a meeting later that day and invited all the students who signed up to our meeting later that day for speed dating and pizza, so we could get to know the new members a little better, and for them to learn about the organization more. We discussed the recruitment drive quiz for a little bit and talked about why everyone said yes to some and no to others.

Several of the new members seemed very enthusiastic about YAL, which should make it a great semester with new students to share our passion for liberty.

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