UWT Ax the Tax

Way back when on April 4th 2017 UWT held its first ever AX the TAX event on campus! It was a huge success as students from all over campus stopped by to learn about the liberty movement and take photos. Many were ready to jump up and take photos with the Ax, while others needed a little encouragement. From the supplies we received, the UWT YAL chapter was able to run a very successful event. We were able to reach out to some of the freshmen on campus and get them involved in the liberty movement. It was refreshing to see new youth activists get energized about changes on campus and realizing that there is an organization that gives them a voice! It looks like the UWT chapter will be able to run many more successful events in the future. This was a great event and everyone had lots of fun in the sun learning about liberty and being able to AX THE TAX!! 

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