Václav Klaus is Awesome. Seriously.

The Czech President never ceases to amaze me. The Times interviewed him a few weeks ago on the Lisbon Treaty and on the global economy; his well-thought out and respectful yet firm answers continually blow me away. On the Lisbon Treaty and the European Union in general:

About seventy-five percent of our legislation is now made in the EU by unelected officials and there are attempts in the Lisbon Treaty to give them even more power, to give the EU its own legal personality and to abolish the member states’ right of veto in a number of important areas. This certainly is not a solution to the democratic deficit, it makes the democratic deficit even greater.

On the the suggestion that EU regulations have strengthened private competition:

I strongly disagree with the statement that the EU regulations have resulted in a more intensive competition. To mastermind or correct the markets and regulate them in order to make the competition “more intensive” or “fairer” is unacceptable. The government failure is always much bigger than the market failure.

Hopefully President Klaus will be able to share his wisdom concerning economics and his valid suspicions of international governments with our own leader when they meet in person tomorrow.

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