Valentine’s Day Tabling

Signing up students

This Valentine’s Day, the Western Kentucky chapter of YAL set up shop by the Political Science classrooms to catch some students and inform them about the new YAL chapter on campus.

Several students came to find out what our chapter stood for and took information with them. A few professors even stopped by, curious about the club. By the end we had a handful of sign-ups for the next meeting!

One issue we encountered was that Friday is a weak day to choose to table because there was relatively fewer students there that day. Next time, we will set up at the beginning of the week instead that way we will catch more students. Moreover, we had an issue setting up earlier in the day due to scheduling conflicts. This likely made us miss students as well.

The next step of the club is to hold official elections as per our Constitution. Several members are interested in particular positions that suit their skill sets.

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