Vance on the Morality of Torture

Laurence Vance, a man who has shaped my faith possibly more so than CS Lewis, writes another great piece that attacks the sacred cow of Christians blind allegiance to the military, it’s wars and…it’s use of torture.

Vance writes extensively on the subject, but the case he makes here is an interesting one: situational ethics.

Having grown up in church and Christian school, I’ve watched “situational ethics” be smashed into pieces by teachers and preachers. “Morality is black and white.” (Note: I’m not using this forum to argue that point.) But typically, Christian and or conservative torture advocates toy with our emotions crying out hypothetical, “What if?” scenarios that hit close to home to convince us that the end justifies the means.

Where’s the consistency? Hypocrisy seems to be he only constant in the Religious Right who claims to follow the Prince of Peace on Sunday but seem to forget all about Matthew 5:44 the rest of the week.  When will Christians wake up to the Prince of Peace and quit supporting wars of aggression and all the monstrosities that come with them?

Read the piece, it’s a good one. 

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