Vanderbilt University 4/20 Bake Sale

For the last tabling event of the year, the Vanderbilt chapter of YAL decided to host our annual 4/20 bake sale. Seeing as 4/20 is the unofficial day of marijuana awareness, we decided it would be fitting to promote the motto “legalize choice” in terms of drug usage. As such, we also gave away delicious brownies dubbed “freedom brownies,” which raised a few eyebrows. However, they were merely “Little Bites” purchased at the local convenience store.

Yummy Treats

We set up on a lovely Sunday afternoon in front of the Commons Center, which is a central location for dining and student services especially for freshmen. Our primary goal was to bring more freshmen into the club starting next year by adding them to our mailing list.  In exchange, they would receive literature ranging from the constitution, marijuana myths, and rights in the face of police. We had information from organizations such as Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Students for Liberty, Drug Policy Alliance, and more. Several students appeared interested in the club and the cause, with some already sporting Ron Paul gear and anti-drug war shirts. 

A firm supporter

Students as well as parents and even campus security came to our stand inquiring about our club. After reassuring them that there were no “special” ingredients in our free brownies, they listened to our viewpoints and took literature. Once our three hours of tabling were over, we only had a handful of brownies left, a bit of literature, and a large number of new members on the mailing list. All in all, it was a great success and a fun way to spend the last couple weeks of school with our wonderful YAL club. 

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