Vanderbilt YAL: Free Markets 101 Report


Last week, Young Americans for Liberty at Vanderbilt University tabled using our YAL activism kit, including the Jenga-Nomics and Rags or Riches resources. Students had a lot of fun taking a turn playing Jenga as we explained to them our organization’s mission and the type of events we hold. Generally, we got a good reaction from the students who stopped by to talk to us. Many were surprised by the economic freedom rankings. In the end, we signed up new over ten new members.


Luke Froeb, Associate Professor in Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management, spoke to our group at our first meeting of the spring semester on January 30. His talk focused on the debt crisis and the long-term consequences of short-term economic policy.

Topics discussed included the fiscal stimulus after the recent financial crisis, the relationship between unemployment and automatic stabilizers such as unemployment insurance, the growing fiscal burden of Medicare on future generations, the difficulty in changing course because of low youth voter participation and special interest groups, and tough to swallow solutions that may have to be considered in the future. 18 students attended this meeting, filling up the entire in the room!

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