Vassar YAL trip to FEE

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) has been spreading the ideas of liberty from the decades when it seemed classical liberalism was only a remnant of a by-gone age. FEE is the long-time publisher of The Freeman, which first ran into scuffles with Vassar students in the 1950s. A group of students who are friendlier to the ideas of liberty continued this Vassar-FEE exchange today.


We did this by getting out a group of seven to the FEE Mansion on May 10 for a lecture. Although the last time a group of Vassar students had the Irvington-based organization on their radar the topic du jour was McCarthyism, the topic this month was the ideology of North Korea—a lesson in Kimology or Kim-ism.

Recently, FEE has moved operations to Atlanta, Georgia and the timely announced Irvington Farewell Series will mark the end of FEE’s 68 year legacy in our area. FEE was still a young organization when Vassar became entwined in its history, and FEE has grown so large that Vassar will still be intertwined with its future through its popular summer seminars and publications for students.

This event was a memorable way to end the semester, which was an incredibly busy time for our YAL chapter. Stay tuned for more news this week!

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