VCU flies the friendly skies… with the TSA

On a beautiful and sunny day during the last week of classes,  with the thermostat hovering around thirty degrees, we hit the streets to let people know what special surprise awaits as they prepare to board a plane home. With a booth marked “TSA” we cordially invited people to step inside so that we could see them naked, for their own safety of course. No? Then why should the TSA?


“You mean they can see me naked?”

The ploy was wildly successful with several individuals proclaiming, quite loudly, their total support on the issue. During the event we were given several hugs and high fives from passersby, a volunteer for a mock pat down, and even one gentleman who proceeded to strip down to his boxers, wind shill and all, to draw attention from passing crowds. Sorry folks, no picture of that.


“Pardon me, we need to make sure you don’t have Al-Qaeda in your pants”

When our members felt the need to take a cigarette break they would wander off and set up roving no-non smoking areas.

no non-smoking

  “I was about to get angry until I actually read the sign. I love it!”

While we made ourselves available for involved conversations with fellow liberty minded students and faculty, we handed out nearly 500 “Watch Out” flyers to a largely interested student body. We all felt our message was well received and while there were some students whose passive faces suggested an incurable apathy, we left the day with very numb fingers but vary warm spirits.


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