Victory for Freedom: FCC Cannot Regulate Internet Traffic

A federal appeals court just ruled that the Federal Communications Commission does not have the power to regulate internet traffic:

A federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that regulators had limited power over Web traffic under current law. The decision will allow Internet service companies to block or slow specific sites and charge video sites like YouTube to deliver their content faster to users.

I’ve heard it be said that the FCC needs to enforce “net neutrality” in order to maintain an open internet. But what really is the best way to maintain a free and open internet? Is it through the heavy hand of government regulation, or through the voluntary interactions of internet providers and their customers?

It’s true that this ruler means that internet providers can basically do whatever they want in relation to net neutrality without legal percussions. But remember that any power and profits internet providers have is derived from its customers, the people. In this way, private companies are more accountable to us than government. If your internet provider decides to violate the concept of net neutrality, you’re free to switch to another provider, and companies will provide net neutrality if the people want it.

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