Victory in Virginia!

Campaign for Liberty reports:

Twenty-four hundred citizen grassroots activists made their voices heard at the state capitol bell tower on January 18th and the Virginia legislature listened.

Even before Obamacare is made federal law, the Virginia House and Senate has voted to stand up to the powers of Congress to mandate that every citizen purchase federally approved health care coverage.

Senator Jill Vogel’s SB417 passed on the House floor moments ago with a vote of 66 – 29. We expect Governor McDonnell will sign the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act into law the moment it crosses his desk….

The Virginia 10th Amendment Revolution is victorious in winning back our state’s rights!!!

Read the full story here.  This is exciting news for Virginia, and perhaps the beginning of a revival of nullification and states rights (and maybe secession, but let’s not get our hopes up too high just yet).

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