VICTORY: No More “Free Speech Zones” at Bellevue College!

Today was a big moral boost for the liberty fighters at Bellevue College.  After being harassed multiple times during peaceful campus activism, threatened by campus police, and reprimanded by school faculty, we have finally ended the “Free Speech Zones” on school campus for all students!

Free Speech Zone Protest On Camups

With the help of our fellow BC students, Young Americans for Liberty, visiting representatives from the Leadership Institute, and the legal team of Alliance Defending Freedom, the lawyer resolving this issue received a letter from the BC legal team that responded to our letter of policy questions and concerns. They admitted that there is no enforceable policy in which the college can prohibit students from expressing freedom of speech. They are now taking immediate action to train the Bellevue College faculty on the proper uses of their roles and school policy.

This is a big win for the students here on campus and there is now discussions between other Washington schools regarding these unconstitutionally imposed zones. No matter how small or powerless you think you are, you can still make a difference in your community.

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