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By Chad Peace

Last night on Jay Leno, Barack Obama told Leno that he wanted to bring America back to its American values.  In the interview, Barack admonished the greedy and selfish AIG employers.   He called for compassion for the common man and asserted his own goodness and respect for the American people.  Yet, he did not question the federal government’s right to take tax money from innocent individuals to pay for the mistakes of financial institutions and in the first place.

Obama, with his articulate lawyering ability, made an analogy between bad loans  and bad products.  A person should be legally protected to a return on their purchase if a product blows up in their face is analogous to a person being protected if a loan blows up in their face financially, he said…and the audience cheered with approval.  Leno didn’t ask Obama, “when a product blows up in your face, who pays the bill to rectify the situation?  Should it be derived from innocent tax payers?  Should it be paid for by persons who did their research and analyzed their finances, and bought a better and more appropriate product for their circumstance?”

The Jay Leno show last night was a perfect example of how our political process has devolved.  With appeals to emotion, compassion, and goodness, the American people are told to support the ongoing Washington policy makers.  In so, the American citizens are asked to support unconstitutional bailouts and redistribution of wealth. We are never asked to think of the government policy that gave AIG the opportunity to give excessive bonuses in the first place.  We are never asked if we would help our neighbors if our paychecks were not raped by the planners.  And, the President is never asked if faith in the people might reflect American values more than a faith in their ability to use our hard earned money.

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