Viewing Economic Hardship as Opportunity

As it becomes increasingly clear that the existing economic, social, and political systems are literally bankrupt, many people legitimately become afraid. While fear is a necessary reaction, it is important to remember that this emotion is only necessary a step towards a creating solutions.

In the same way that one does not visit a doctor until symptoms of illness are experienced, people are more likely to pay attention to explanations for why the economic system is insufficient when they are afraid of losing their jobs, retirement, homes, etc. The established order uses and intentionally creates such situations to manipulate create fear and scare people into giving up more money and more power to the system causing the problem. This is clear to see as those in power demand bailouts and authority in order to prevent further economic deterioration.

Because we can see the harms of centralization of power and wealth, it is our obligation to show that such a system is both harmful and unsustainable. People will readily choose a better way of living if it is proposed. It is important to remember that such a society will not be created using the tool of fear alone, that is how the existing order stays afloat. Rather, people will be attracted to those who show how the insufficiencies of the existing order can be overcome.

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