Virginia Tech Chalks Up the First Amendment

As Virginia Tech’s largest and most active political organization, our YAL chapter took a stand for Constitution Week!

Free Speech Wall

We created a 4 x 16 foot chalkboard Free Speech Wall by pulling plywood from a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser we participated in last semester, which was not only resourceful, but pretty patriotic. We’re always proud to rep the YAL eagle and the Stars and Stripes, and both were well received by the student body!

Back of FSW

As usual, there was a wide variety of answers to the question “What does Freedom mean to you?” They ranged from fun and quirky “Beards” and “Girls in yoga pants” to the more serious “Find Hannah,” “Small government,” and “Running my own life.” We have a pretty diverse student body, and this board definitely gave everyone a chance to show that.

Free Speech Wall 2

But in true Blacksburg style, the weather had different plans for us. The skies opened up, but even a torrential downpour didn’t stop a few dedicated students to stopping by and taking a minute to write what freedom meant to them!

Rain Guy

Even though it wasn’t blue skies and sunny days for our Free Speech Wall, we are confident that this campus is loud about liberty!

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