Virginia Tech Goes BIG!

Every spring, Virginia Tech holds “The Big Event,” a community wide day of service. As strong believers in volunteerism, we decided to participate for the second year in a row. We joined over 8,000 Hokies in living out our university’s motto “Ut Prosim – That I May Serve.”

Big Event

Although we had to get out of bed early on a Saturday, it was well worth it! Our assignment was to help Fran, whose description was ‘An older lady who loves to chat.” She sure did!

Zach and Park at BE

When we got to her house she asked us what organization we were from. When we said “Young Americans for Liberty,” she said “Well, I’m not going to kick you out, that’s for sure.” We took that as a compliment. She wanted to know us all by name, major, and interests, and had a personal story to complement all of ours. She definitely had an interesting life!

They Love Service...Right?

After about a half hour of chatting, we finally got to work. Fortunately, it was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for yardwork. We got to clearing leaves and sticks, mulching and raking, and sorting out her attic, too.

VP Goes Big

About three hours into the work, we were called into the kitchen, where she had prepared a delicious lunch spread for us: barbecue pork, green beans, corn on the cob, two types of brownies, and a banana pudding. We were so touched that she would go to all that trouble for us, when we were supposed to be there helping her!

Big Event Lunch

In an attempt to avoid falling into an irreversible food coma, we finished the final touches of our work, put things back in the attic, and said good-bye to Fran after a full day’s work. The ten club members that participated said that not only was it a great club bonding activity, but also helped promote a positive image of Young Americans for Liberty, and libertarians, in our community.


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