Virginia Tech YAL rocks Gobblerfest!

Gobblerfest is Virginia Tech’s annual Student Activities Fair, held every September on the Drillfield. Continuing our five-year tradition of participating in Gobblerfest, our YAL chapter set up a booth and had a ton of fun while recruiting new liberty lovers!

This year, we applied for YAL’s recruitment kit and it was a hit. Students loved the free pocket Constitutions! Stuart Hench, our Marketing Officer, and I used the strategies we learned at the 2016 National Convention to recruit new students to our meetings.We were lucky to have our booth next to a service dog club. Students came to pet the puppies and stayed to talk politics! Our Recruitment Officer Nick and I had fun playing with the puppies as well.

It was a great afternoon, and we got 49 sign-ups! We are looking forward to our meeting Thursday, where one of our senior members, Zach, will be presenting on “How to Deal with Police.” See you there, Hokies!

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