Virginia Tech YAL’s 13th Screening with Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Young Democrats

On February 15th, Virginia Tech YAL partnered with Virginia Tech’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Young Democrats chapters for a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary 13th by Ava DuVernay. This eye-opening documentary focused on the racial inequalities in America’s prison system, and how the 13th amendment created a system in which the prison industrial complex became a replacement for slavery.

“I’m really glad I came out to see this movie,” said YAL member William Merten. “Seeing the injustices in the prison system was shocking and really inspired me to continue learning about criminal justice reform. I think everyone who’s uncertain about the problems with the war on drugs should see this documentary.”

We had a great turnout of around twenty five members, split between the three clubs. It’s been fantastic getting to work with the other political clubs on campus this year, and we’re really enjoying the discussions we have with people of different political beliefs. There’s a ton of common ground that we can work together on, especially when it comes to issues like the drug war and prison reform.

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