Virginia Tech’s Campuswide Debate featuring YAL, Young Democrats, College Republicans, and Greens at VT!

On October 25th, the Virginia Tech chapter of Young Americans for Liberty spoke up for individual liberties and personal rights at the second annual Collegiate Times Campuswide Debate. Our debaters, Caitlyn Tierney, Kladji Sinani, Matt Bracco and Joe Melton eloquently described the importance of a libertarian mindset in modern-day America.

The debate fostered open conversation about many issues affecting college students in America, including freedom of speech, police brutality, drug prohibition, gun control, environmental policies, and foreign policy. It was incredibly refreshing to hear educated and open-minded students have a civil debate about these issues—in fact, several viewers on the Facebook livestream commented that the college debate was more civil than the presidential debates!

The debate was broadcast on Facebook live and Periscope, and was live tweeted by the Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech’s student-run newspaper. The Collegiate Times also ran articles written by club leaders discussing their club’s views a few days before the debate, so the audience would know what to expect. Here is VT YAL’s article.

To finish off a great night, the Collegiate Times ran a poll on their Facebook page to determine who the audience thought “won” the debate, and VT YAL took the lead! We were so pleased to be able to communicate our ideology so successfully, and hope to bring our optimistic and compassionate outlook to debates in the future.

Interested in watching the debate? The full video can be found here.

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