Virtual Liberty Speaker, Daniel Zolnikov

The Siena College Young American’s for Liberty Chapter had the great opportunity to Skype with Daniel Zolnikov a Representative for the state of Montana. At the YAL Boston Summit in March 2017, a few members of the Siena College Chapter had the privilege to meet Dan one on one which essentially lead to this connection. With Dan’s slogan being “Energy, Guns, Freedom”, the Siena YAL Chapter members were already very excited to meet Dan through the Skype call, ready with questions and to hear what he had to offer to them as young liberty activists.

Dan started with his story and how he ran for his position against a Democrat who has been sitting in the position for many years. His advice to them if they ever want to run for a position in government was that name recognition, getting to know your people by knocking on doors/making phone calls, and originally are all key factors in winning and being successful. Dan touched on gun laws in his state where he humorously pointed out that Montana and New York are extremely different in that aspect. He also spoke about taxes in Montana and how “you can’t spend money that you don’t have”, another thing New York is notorious for. Dan told the Siena College students about his achievements and aspirations for the future in Montana. He expressed one of his biggest achievements is passing legislation that requires law enforcement to have a warrant in order to access personal information like your email, texts, etc. in Montana and his aspiration to keep cracking down on passing policies that protect privacy rights for the citizens of Montana. Dan ended the informative yet fun session with the Siena students with a Q&A session where students asked about his views on topics such as privacy rights, free speech, and running for a government position for Montana. Siena College’s YAL Chapter plan on having many more discussions/events with Daniel Zolnikov, Representative of Montana.                                                                                                                    

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