Virtual Liberty Speaker Jeffery Tucker at Regent University

At Regent University, the principles of economic freedom bellowed throughout the halls. 

Jeffery Tucker spoke on a the topic of “Why the poor need capitalism”. 

Student’s eyes met Jeffery’s and became enthralled by his presence as he began to unpack the history and virtues of capitalism. Jeffery laid out the development of capitalism and the way it lifted the poor out of poverty. He looked at the students and made a comment that engaged his audience which was, “The average life expectancy then was 25, so in a few years nearly all of you would be dead if it wasn’t for capitalism”. From that point on, his points resonated with a different tune that made it more personal. 

Unfortunately, the computer that hosted Jeffery died 5 minutes before he could finish, there was a lot of discussion afterwards about the points that Jeffery brought up in his speech.

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