Virtual Liberty Speaker – “Liberty Laura” at Siena College

On October 17, 2017 the Siena College Young American’s for Liberty Chapter had a virtual liberty speaker call with Laura Meyers aka “Liberty Laura”. Even though Laura is close in age to the students at Siena College she has worked on campaigns for politicians such as Austin Petersen and Rand Paul, she is Editor-in-Chief of Liberty Viral, and currently works in Washington, D.C. to, as she put it, “fight crony politicians and big government”. She also has quite a following on her Facebook page with over 30,000 likes. Her knowledge and experience were shown valuable to the Siena students with the advice she offered about Free Speech on college campuses.

Laura said she was envious of the students because she just graduated and already wishes she could go back to keep speaking up at Kansas State University. She explained how sick and tired she is of seeing free speech advocates making hot air from both sides and just yelling at each other which doesn’t solve anything. Her advice to the Siena students was to speak up and push back, she said that even though you may not get instant gratification, it is very powerful even if you don’t realize it or see it. Furthermore, she talked about how people get the courage to speak up if someone else does. She discussed just how powerful power of inclusion is when she spoke up in a class by sharing her (not so popular) opinion and by the end of the semester she had a lot of students siding with her argument and sharing as well. She encouraged the college students to share their opinions and stand up for what they believe in even if it’s not the most popular thing to do.

In the Q&A section of her talk, a student on the newspaper at Siena asked Laura if she too had issues with getting pieces published due to her opinion at Kansas State. Laura replied that yes, she did have some issues and of course backlash so she went ahead and became editor of the newspaper. “Liberty Laura” emphasized to the Siena College Young American’s for Liberty Chapter to be tenacious, be an influencer, be the squeaky wheel on campus, and to fight back and never feel guilty for it.

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