Visualize the Debt at Indiana University Southeast


The Visualize the Debt campaign was very successful here at Indiana University – Southeast. As we are a new and small group, most of the events were focused around recruiting new members and making students aware of our presence on campus.


The week before the event I littered the halls with flyers not only warning students of the burden of the national debt but also inviting them to a free pizza and movie night. The event was delayed due to bad weather but it was still a hit because I ended up getting to put on the visualization campaign the same day as the free pizza and showing of “I.O.U.S.A.” which I feel brought my attendance up at the meeting later that night substantially.


Ultimately the biggest success was being thanked by multiple people for being so adamant and passionate about the future of our economy and country. It makes me feel confident that we will be recognized as the beacons of truth if we keep up such good work and keep our battles intellectual. Keep up the good fight YAL’ers!

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